About Us

For over 20 years, Thirsty Ventures has forged relationships with seasoned growers, manufacturers and marketing organizations to streamline the startup process and utilize existing infrastructure assets to achieve profitability with efficiency. They have nurtured relationships with professionals in the Food Service, Natural, Specialty, Coffee and Grocery Channels to create food service brands, private label brands, and marketing opportunities, as well as open national and international distribution. Thirsty Ventures has been involved in the development, creation and sale of multiple brands and has participated in founding, fundraising, investing, mentoring, and building retail, foodservice and manufacturing businesses in the food service, specialty, natural, coffee and grocery channels. 

Brand Mission

Thirsty Ventures is dedicated to its brands, partnerships and products. We believe that learning about new opportunities and building strong relationships ensures delivery of the best possible products. Our small town morals and ethics mixed with our family owned and operated principles, leads to consistent improvement and opportunity growth. The team is united by a single vision: Building Better Beverages!